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How to be 50: How to Appear Successful

By Charlotte Latvala
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By Charlotte Latvala

By 50, you’ve figured out who you are, where you’re going, and how to get there.

Except that you haven’t. (Don’t feel bad. We at “How to be 50” are experts at being middle-aged and clueless.)

However, even if you have an empty checking account, a comatose career, and no discernible talent or ambition, you can still fake success with the best of them.

Don’t believe us? Try this: Continue reading



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How to be Tech-Savvy

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By Charlotte Latvala

We all know the stereotype: Middle-aged man or woman staring in utter confusion at a screen, unable to decipher the gizmo without an eye-rolling teenager to help.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead and laugh, kids – but Steve Jobs was from our generation. Stick that in your USB port. Continue reading


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How to Host a Book Club

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By Charlotte Latvala

Belonging to a book club is a rite of passage akin to going to the prom, landing your first job, or getting that introductory piece of mail from AARP. That’s right; at 50, you are required by law to gather monthly with other 50-year-old people and discuss books that you all hated. Or loved. It doesn’t matter, because after the first two glasses of wine no one much remembers the books anyway. Continue reading

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