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How to Nap

By Charlotte Latvala

One of the best parts about reaching 50 is that you no longer need to apologize for, or feel guilty about, napping. In fact, power-napping is an art form that cannot be truly appreciated until decades of living have worn you down.

We have so many valid reasons to nap: Hormonal turmoil, weird new aches and pains, the stress of taking care of teenagers and elderly parents at the same time. One of the secrets of late middle-age is that we’re still up half the night for one reason or another. (Frantic sex, sadly, isn’t usually one of them.)

So nap like you mean it. Here are some great places to snooze.

  1. Your car. So what if you’re supposed to be watching your kid’s lacrosse game? It’s raining and you’re tired. It’s not safe for you to drive home if you don’t have a nap. (Besides, if they didn’t want people to sleep in cars, they wouldn’t have invented heated seats.)
  2. The movie theater. We’re not suggesting you watch “The Back of Mom’s Eyeballs” instead of Helen Mirren, but you do have permission to nod off during any film whose title includes a number over 2.
  3. Work. Just put your head down on your desk kindergarten-style. With a little finesse, you can make it look like you’re concentrating really, really hard on That Big Project.
  4. Any chair, sofa, or floor for that matter. Even fifty-somethings who have trouble falling asleep at night are remarkably adept at nodding off in seemingly uncomfortable positions. We’re like cats that way.
  5. Your kid’s room. You go in there to tidy up, but why not check out the bedding?
  6. The backyard. Say you’re “working in the garden” and everyone will leave you alone for fear you need help composting. Besides, you don’t want all that money you spent on deck chairs to go to waste, now do you?
  7. Yoga class. It’s supposed to be relaxing, after all.
  8. In your bed. At night. Just tell yourself it’s a nap, and chances are you’ll drop off to sleep in an instant.

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