How to Find Your Passion

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By Charlotte Latvala

For some time now, you’ve noticed your friends talking about “following their passion” and quoting Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed.

The unavoidable truth is that every self-respecting middle-aged person needs a passion – even if the only thing you’ve felt passionate about recently was binge-watching old episodes of Lost while eating Domino’s pan pizza.

What do you really love? More importantly, what can you afford to love? (I was about to book a trip to India when I realized it would cost more than the $200 currently in my checking account.)

Big passions are expensive. So why not settle for a smoldering mild interest, instead of an all-consuming flame? Here are some starters.

  1. Gardening. The classic old person’s passion: There is no such thing as high-pressure gardening! Toss some herbs in a pot and you’re golden. Bonus: No one will question your modern gardening cred if you mutter the word “organic” every now and then.
  2. Reading. Yes, it’s something you already do. But if you declare that it’s your passion, you’ll get more respect than if it’s just something you do when the Wi-Fi is down.
  3. Ethnic cuisine. Because “ordering Chinese takeout” and “microwaving burritos” count.
  4. Wine. If you’re buying cases in bulk, the liquor store clerks know you by name, and you have every happy hour in a 10-mile radius committed to memory, guess what? You have found your passion.
  5. Becoming an insufferable expert/snob about coffee, craft brewing, or green living. You’ll not only sound impressive, but you’ll gain a new group of friends who are equally insufferable.
  6. Gambling. Some say addiction; you say passion.
  7. Posting deliberately provocative statements about your political views on Facebook. This is a time-honored method of changing the hearts and minds of everyone who disagrees with you. It works every single time! Plus, you’ll be a big hit at class reunions.
  8. Flying back and forth over the Pacific Ocean on your free Oceanic Airlines pass, hoping your plane will crash onto a mysterious island where you can finally figure out what happened to all your friends and achieve peace. Oh wait, I’m getting this list confused with Season 5 of Lost. Which turns out to be my passion after all. See you back on the island.

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  1. Blogging ….it’s affordable and quiet engaging 🙂

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